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Loyalty Programs

What if your customers told their friends about your loyalty program? And those friends could only use your program if they became new customers? So they ‘did’ become customers, and your old customers and new customers were treated really well in return and received some really great VIP treatment and then shared their stories with other people. Something exciting would happen.

We are about creating exciting and engaging user experiences that loyalty programs should be about.

If you are a business who’s loyalty program is built around collecting points, or an association looking to provide value to its members we should chat. Vonality offers a suite of web-based loyalty programs that can be configured and branded to reflect the specific needs for any organization wishing to leverage the many benefits of a customer loyalty program. In this manner, any company can introduce a proprietary rewards program without the need to invest in creating the technology to power such a system from scratch. In addition to the substantial cost savings associated with adapting our loyalty tools for your purposes, time to market is also considerably shortened.

There is a better way to reward customers and create an exciting loyalty program.
Vonality creates VIP loyalty programs that will drive new revenue to your company, make your customers sing in praise and excitement and most importantly - make a customer want to do business with you.

Our programs are focused on converting new customers and providing value to your existing customers. After all, that’s what a program should be about - creating excitement and buzz amongst your members and helping your members convert their points out of your program.

We create exclusive, valuable programs and provide you with the backend technology and managed services to run it.

Vonality offers full program management including:


Contact us today for an assessment of your current program and where the future with Vonality can take you.


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