First Of A Kind Program
Order Fulfillment

You've sold the item. Now you have to get it there!

Selling online and ensuring amazing customer satisfaction is about 4 things:

1. Shipping items fast

2. Communicating with the customer

3. Running an cost effective logistics program that helps you ship goods at low prices

4. A returns management and claims program

At Vonality we have the experience in managing our own distribution centres for brand name retailers in Ontario, New York, Pennsylvania and California. We only handle shipping for our customers to ensure the best service levels.

We hate this part of the business. It's the most time consuming, labor intensive part. Packaging every item that needs a different box. Calculating shipping rates to charge the winning bidder, completing shipping labels and custom documentations is all part and parcel of what needs to be done. But it has to be done right - and we love making customers happy. Let our experience work for you.

Whether its a physical item or an experience requiring special handholding Vonality does it right- and limits your risk and liability from loss or damage.

From inbound inventory cataloguing, packaging and outbound shipping we have the enterprise level processes to handle 1000's of items on a daily bases. As well when it comes to shipping one of a kind items we have the expertise to get it done right. After all we are the company that shipped the world's Oldest Hockey Stick valued at over $2.4 million Dollars, Barry Bonds 715 Home Run baseball and Mussolini's 1932 Lancia Astura, among thousands of smaller items that to the winning bidder were equally as valuable.

Whether you are a small charity that needs someone to handle less then a 100 items or a large corporation with 100'000's of items we have the experience to - ship items fast, provide real time tracking and shipping calculators, move goods with the lowest number of touch points and communicate with customers so they are assured throughout the entire process. And when things don't go right- as they sometimes do an effective process in place to handle returns and claims (RMA).

We can ship from within our DC (Distribution Centre), from within our clients location or a temporary 3rd party facility.

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