Want to work for Vonality?
Want to work for Vonality?

• Jr. Account Manager / Marketing -

• Website Designer / Developer -

• Chief Editor and Portal Web Manager -

• Editorial Summer Internship -

Jr. Account Manager Job Description

Position Title: Jr. Account Manager / Marketing
Hours: Intern (full time) 40 hrs wk or Paid (part time) 20 hrs wk
Location: The Esplanade (Toronto)
Salary: Internship (unpaid with potential for commission and bonus structure) - with potential to be hired full time after 3 months; or Paid - to be discussed based on experience and expectations.

Job and Skill Summary

Tasks, Responsibilities and Authorities


Marketing or Advertising Diploma


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Website Designer Job Description

Role: Website Designer / Developer
Location: The Esplanade (Toronto)

Job and Skill Summary

The candidate will be responsible for the layout, visual appearance and usability of websites under Vonality control. The candidate will also be responsible for interior page layouts, content formatting, CSS creation, HTML files converted from Photoshop documents, design custom graphics, and QA. Banner creation with and without Flash, knowledge of Wordpress, and a basic understanding of SEO and SEM are important. Knowledge of PHP, Javascript, ASP, MYSQL would be an asset, but is not absolutely required. The successful candidate must be able to work quickly, and create sites that fit with Vonality`s social media marketing and e-commerce capability. The work will be conducted in a team setting.

Tasks, Responsibilities and Authorities


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Chief Editor and Portal Web Manager

Role: Chief Editor and Portal Web Manager
Location: The Esplanade (Toronto)

Job and Skill Summary

Have you ever wanted to be in charge of your own luxury magazine? How about building a unique media property?

Are you entrepreneurial, with a strong drive and determination to succeed? Are you looking for more then just a 9-5 job?

We are looking for a Chief Editor and Portal Web Manager to manage and run a high profile luxury web portal for high profile brands and buyers. We are looking for you to manage and direct the day-to-day operations, formulate and write content, develop the brand, deliver on the content strategy and research and write articles. You will also identify and work with vendors/advertisers and partners to bring them onto the site and engage them. You will be responsible for all the day-to-day needs and requirements of the business and eventually grow the team to support the needs of the business. You will report directly to the CEO.

Tasks, Responsibilities and Authorities


College or University degree in a related field Demonstrated passion in the industry (Volunteer experience, education, work experience in a similar field). Written/Spoken English as your native language High Sense or fashion/style/design

(If you have the passion, desire and drive to succeed, but do not have the experience or are a new graduate this may be a great opportunity. Please apply- but remember you must demonstrate your passion for the industry. We are not looking for people who have never worked/volunteered in a similar industry or if their experience is very distant to the skills we require).

Must Haves:

Experience with WordPress or comfort with Content Management Systems
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Well travelled
Strong knowledge and awareness of high-end luxury brands (Rolex, Prada, Audi, Hermes)
Face Book Expert
Twitter Expert
Blogging experience
Ability to manage tight deadlines
Strong sales ability
Very Entrepreneurial
Ability to produce editorial schedules
Excellent research ability
Ability to develop news stories and articles
Self starter


We are looking at a variety of compensation strategies, including full time & Internship. You will be a critical part of the team and people look for a 9-5 job need not apply. Please let us know your compensation requirements and what you are prepared to do for the opportunity of a lifetime. Please submit your resume and cover letter.


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Editorial Summer Internship

Role:Editorial Summer Internship
Location: The Esplanade (Toronto)

Editorial unpaid internship for the whole summer commitment, which may be extended this Sept with pay.

You will write for a high profile luxury e-zine. You will create a summer editorial plan and take the lead in executing the content, managing the site design and overseeing the content strategy.

You must have excellent writing skills and be able to edit or rewrite last minutes press releases, blogs and in house writing projects.

If you know how to use Wordpress, Twitter and are energetic, personable and driven you got this position.

Additional experience with web design, graphics, social networking and micro advertising is a plus

Please submit your resume along with sample writing. Serious inquiries only and must be available for an interview.

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