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Payment PRocessing

Payment Processing

Vonality handles payment processing for online sales as well as physical event based sales. We don’t just tell you how to do it - we do it for you.

Our services include:

Vonality has partnered with leading industry payment-processing firms such as PayPal and Authorize.net and leading financial institutions such as HSBC & The Royal Bank of Canada, to offer our clients the required payment processing services for high value sales and online auctions. From multi currency acceptance, to international wires and payment verifications, we can help you.

With over 10 years experience, we have built up a solid reputation in processing payments for leading charities and clients. In fact we have processed over $100 million dollars in bidding activity from around the globe

We have the experience of processing global payments, in multi currencies and can set up the appropriate business processes to help our clients capture payments, reduce their risk and minimize charge backs.

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