Vonality team
Vonality team

Our team is made up of pioneers, executives and passionate professionals with a history of success. We are experts in marketing, advertising, fundraising, technology and social media. We combine our strengths and passion to serve our clients with the best ideas, programs and execution in the industry.

We have run some of the largest online auction campaigns for the likes of American Idol- Idol Gives Back, eBay, BMW, Sick Kids, Singapore Airlines First To Fly A380 to smaller campaigns serving local charities such as Alberta Theatre Project, MEOW Foundation, WIFT and many more. Whether you are looking to sell thousands or raise millions Vonality is the only online auction agency with the experience, technology and pedigree to ensure success.

Vonality has consulted to large auction houses such as eBay on auction strategy, marketing and auction promotion. When eBay has needed to run large mission critical auctions- The Vonality team has been called on to lead the way. From charity fundraising to asset based auctions a Vonality specialist would be pleased to speak with you further.

To learn more about us feel free to reach out and contact us. We would be happy to meet you in person.

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